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Ways To Help
Pink Yogurt Lids

You can help the enviorment too! Here are some great ways to help the enviorment, if you have another idea that's not listed, you can send your suggestion by using the form at the bottom of this page.

  1. Pick up any trash you see ANYWHERE.
  2. Carpool, it saves gas, and helps stop air polution.
  3. Dont throw ANYTHING in the ocean! It cause water pollution that kills are fish!
  4. Dont litter. If an animal eats the trash you littered, the animal could get sick!
  5. Turn of EVERYTHING when leaving the house. It saves electricity.
  6. If you have lights outside, please make sure they are solar lights! It save the earths energy (electricity) and your using the sun as a resource!

If you have any other suggestions that would help save the enviorment, please fill out the form below.

Is it okay for your name to be possibly posted on this site with your suggestion?

Ways to help the world, mighty fine, mighty fine, it's super devine!

Don't cut down trees! Then what would we be able to hug????