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Welcome to the Tree Hugger Stories.  Here are a few stories. If you'd like to submit a Story, click the link below to fill out a form.

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The Mad Litter Bug
By: Erica S.
                Kristy and her friend Molly have been best friends science 2nd grade. They were both now in 6th garde. Kristy and Molly decided to go to Mcdonald's after school. Kristy and Molly decided to eat outside. After Molly finished, she threw her trash on the floor. The trash slow plopped down onto the floor. Kristy looked at Molly. She stared at Molly with a suprised look on her face.
               "Molly, aren't you gonna pick that up?!??? That's littering!" Kristy said in a suprised but calm voice.
               "Why wouldn't I, Kristy??? It's fun! The trash goes flying!" Molly said
               "But littering is bad." Kristy explained.
               "Fine! I thought you were my friend!"Molly yelled angrily.
               Molly stormed away from Mcdonald's and left Kristy standing there in shock.Kristy picked up the piece of trash and glumlily walked back to her house. Molly stormed through the door and stomped on the stairs. Molly's mom followed Molly. Molly slammed the door of her room, almost smashing her mom. Her mom gently knocked on the door. Molly's mom creaked the door open.
                "What's the matter sweetheart?" Mollys mom asked kindly.
                "Kristy isn't my friend anymore." Molly said quietly.
                "What?!?!??! That's impossible! you've been friends since first grade! What happened?" Molly's mom asked getting concerned.
                 "She told me I shouldn't litter because it's wrong." Molly answered.
                 "You littered? And you got mad at her for telling you that littering was wrong?? That's no reason to be mad at her. She's just trying to help save the enivorment." Mollys mom explained.
                 "Now that I think about it, I shouldn't be getting mad at her at all. I should be apoligizing to her." Molly said.
              "Thanks mom!" and Molly ran downstairs.
              A few minutes later she got to 86039 Silver Gate RD., Kristy's house. She rang the door and waited. A few seconds later Kristy's mom answered the door.
          "Is Kristy available?" Molly asked in a polite tone
          "Yes, wait a second..." Kristy's mom answered, calling Kristy.
          Kristy ran down the stairs she ran so fast, it was like a bear was chasing her. She ran up and hugged Molly.
         I'm so glad to see you again!!!" Kristy said excitiedly.
        "Yeah, I'm really sorry about what happened. I got mad for no good reason. You were just trying to help the enviorment. Sorry again..." Molly apoligized.
        "No problem! I'm sssssooooo glad we're friends again!!!" Kristy said happily.

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